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Michael Saunders – Chair

Michael Saunders Photo
Mr. Saunders is a Senior Deputy Attorney General with the Nevada Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. He earned both his law degree and Master of Business Administration degree from UNLV. His experience with the library began in the 1990s when he worked as a page, a circulation assistant and as an intern in the public relations department. Mr. Saunders was appointed by the Clark County Board of Commissioners and his term expires in March 2017. He enjoys reading books that foster personal growth.

Randy Ence – Vice Chair

Randy Ence Photo
Mr. Ence was appointed by the Clark County Board of Commissioners and his term will expire in March 2019. He is a retired 30-year educator and school administrator, as well as a retired Brigadier General with 32 years of service in the Utah National Guard. He enjoys reading biographies and military history, and his favorite author is Tom Clancy.

Ydoleena Yturralde – Secretary

Ydoleena Yturralde Photo
Ms. Yturralde was appointed by the City of Las Vegas and her term expires in April 2019. She particularly enjoys reading novels, although she also loves gardening and plant-related books. John Grisham is one of her favorite authors.

Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod Treasurer

Liz Carrasco Photo
Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod was appointed by the Clark County Commission. She brings to the Board a passion for education and a commitment to service to others. She loves to learn about different time periods by reading Historical Fiction, and Jane Austen is one of her favorite authors. Her term will run through March 1, 2017.

Keiba Crear

Keiba Crear Photo
Ms. Crear is a Manager of the Environmental Monitoring and Management Division for the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA). She has been working with SNWA for 12 years and manages a team of biologists responsible for native restoration and biological monitoring in the Las Vegas Wash. She also oversees SNWA’s Sustainability and Climate Change initiatives. Appointed by the Clark County Board of Commissioners, her term expires March 2017. She enjoys reading about history, as well as other nonfiction and fiction.

Marilyn Francis Drake

Francis Drake Photo
Mrs. Drake has served 30 years as an academic school librarian in Las Vegas. She was born and raised in Iowa and has lived in Las Vegas for 32 years. Her favorite books growing up were Wuthering Heights and The Count of Monte Cristo, and she enjoys young adult series as well as humor by authors like Fanny Flagg. Pictures books are her weakness, as they combine her love of art (she began as an art teacher) and literature. Her terms ends in 2017.

Jose L. Melendrez

Jose L. Melendrez Photo
Mr. Melendrez was appointed to the Library District's Board of Trustees by the Las Vegas City Council in March 2015. He is the assistant vice president in the UNLV Office of Diversity Initiatives and he received a Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan. His term will run through March 2019.

Sheila Moulton

Sheila Moulton Photo
Sheila Moulton was appointed to the Library District's Board of Trustees by the Clark County Commission. She previously served as a trustee on the Clark County School District Board. Ms. Moulton loves to share books that she enjoys with friends and family. Some of her favorite types of books include autobiographies, biographies and historical novels. Her term will run through August 2019.

Felipe A. Ortiz

Mr. Felipe A. Ortiz Photo
Mr. Felipe A. Ortiz is Special Assistant to Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Coffin. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Santa Fe in New Mexico, and a Master of Public Administration from UNLV. A retired federal probation officer, Mr. Ortiz was appointed by the Las Vegas City Council and his term expires in April 2017. He enjoys reading presidential biographies and crime fiction.

Robin Wadley-Munier

Robin Wadley-Munier Photo
Ms. Wadley-Munier was appointed by the City of Las Vegas to fill the unexpired term of M. Frances Barron. The liaison to Las Vegas City Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian, Ms. Wadley-Munier is a lifelong library user and is passionate about books and reading. She enjoys biographies of American history-makers, and her favorite author is John Grisham. Her term will run through April 2017.

Dr. Ronald R. Heezen – Executive Director

Dr. Ronald R. Heezen
Dr. Ronald R. Heezen comes to the Library District from Shreve Memorial Library where he was Executive Director since 2009. Among his leadership positions were Director of the Frisco Public Library in Frisco, Texas, and the Executive Director of the Omaha Public Library. Dr. Heezen has been recognized with numerous honors and awards, and has been published in many professional journals. Dr. Heezen enjoys reading history, mystery and science fiction and includes among his many favorite authors Sue Grafton, Robert Heinlein and Thomas Kuhn.