Longevitology - Energy Healing

Age Group: Adults, Seniors & Teens 
Special Program: Diversity AAPIHM

10/14/2013 • 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Sahara West location Sahara West Library

Room: Multipurpose Room

Energy is everywhere, and what energy can do may surprise you. Come experience hands-on energy adjustment workshops where you may experience some of the following common benefits:

• Calmness;
• Reduced stress;
• Pain relief; deeper, more restful sleep;
• Increased energy;
• Relief from migraines, tension headaches and back pain;
• Increase mental alertness;
• Faster healing of injuries,
• Regular elimination;
• Improved quality of life
Longevitology's goal is to make it possible for people to learn how to use natural healing energy to heal themselves and others. Longevitology is one of several healing modalities intended to adjust energy flow throughout the body to improve the body's ability to heal itself. The general theory of health and illness underlying Longevitology is good health is the result of energy (referred to as Ch'i, Qi or Prana) and blood flowing smoothly through the organ systems of the body; illness results when the flow of ch'i is disrupted. When proper energy flow has been restored, conditions are optimized for the body to heal. The body lives in a rich field of universal yang energy. Just as a healthy body draws oxygen into the lungs to breathe, it also draws in universal energy to replenish itself. It does so through points on the body, neural plexes called chakras. Chakras are the body’s power centers, energizing cells and organs so they can function. Each chakra governs the functioning of a different organ system. When all chakras are operating properly, metabolism will be efficient, the immune system will be effective and waste and toxins will be readily excreted.
Co-sponsored by the Las Vegas Chinese Cultural Foundation.
This event is free and open to the public. For more information, please call 507-3631.