A Western Dependence: Painting and Prints by Suzanne Hackett-Morgan

Age Group: All Ages 

Gallery open during regular library hours  1/31/2014 - 3/1/2014

Sahara West location Sahara West Library

Room: The Studio

Author: Suzanne Hackett-Morgan

A Western Dependence features two series of paintings and prints created over the last 14 years. Suzanne is drawn to neglected billboards, closed roadside attractions and other evidence of abandonment in the Southwest desert. They mark the passage of time in a landscape that can be seen and comprehended from a human perspective. The objects in the desert weathering in the years relatively undisturbed narrate the life cycle of a landscape and bear witness to values and ideas whose time has passed. The work is based on places in California, Arizona and Nevada and some are composites of elements from different sites. 

Ms. Morgan received her Master's Degree in Painting from California State University Northridge and is the founding Director of the Goldwell Open Air Museum and Artist Residency.

Reception: 2/9/2014  1 p.m.  -  2:30 p.m.