National Puppet Theatre

Puppet Show 
Age Group: All Ages 

11/12/2013 • 6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

West Charleston location West Charleston Library

Room: Lecture Hall

Dear Viewers!

Have you heard of Jasko, who goes to the end of the world in search of happiness? And you may remember the fight a valiant knight had with a drag...on to rescue the beautiful Princess? Many of you have certainly heard of brave Hanka , who in search of help for her sick brother was ready to wander the world , sacrificing her own happiness. These and many other popular themes taken from native tales, stories and legends are in the performance of the National Puppet Theater "Rainbow," "Golden Heart." You might probably ask why in times of popular cartoons and video games we turn to the theater filled with old texts and ancient heroes. Fairytale characters can show different behaviors, emotions, and values, which in all times can direct people to do good or bad deeds.

To come and see a performance of the National Puppet Theater "Golden Heart” is a unique opportunity to introduce kids to the art form, which in the era of mass entertainment is not too common. The show also gives a great opportunity for a quality time for three generations: grandparents, parents and grandchildren.
Welcome to the magical world of Puppet Theater!
Show is 65 minutes, suitable for children ages 3 years and up. $15 per person at the door or at Polish Deli.

Fee: $15

Telephone: 219-0698

Contact Person/Organization: Polish American Social Club of Las Vegas