FILM: The Devil is a Woman (1935, 85 min)

Age Group: Adults & Seniors 

4/29/2014 • 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Clark County location Clark County Library

Room: Main Theater

Director Josef Von Sternberg and Dietrich, worked together for the last time on this historical melodrama, which was a notorious and controversial box-office flop in its day. Dietrich is at her best and most beautiful as a conniving woman in 1890s Seville who enjoys having men lavish gifts and attention upon her, then destroying their lives. Shortly after the film’s initial release, the US State Department and the Spanish government both tendered objections to Paramount Pictures about what they felt were insulting depictions of the Spanish people and their leadership. Paramount pulled the film from circulation, and it was thought to be lost for some time until Dietrich provided a print from her personal collection for a Sternberg retrospective in 1959.