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# Event Type Event Title Date Library
1. Art Let's Draw the Story! 10/03/2014 Centennial Hills
2. Art Let's Draw the Story 11/07/2014 Centennial Hills
3. Author/Storyteller Visit Tricksters, Tribes and Tales: Stories from the First Americans 11/20/2014 Blue Diamond
4. Author/Storyteller Visit ¡Story Salsa! 09/17/2014 Centennial Hills
5. Author/Storyteller Visit An Evening of Sassy and Sexy Romance with Tera Lynn Childs and Crystal Perkins 09/18/2014 Clark County
6. Author/Storyteller Visit ¡Story Salsa! 09/19/2014 Clark County
7. Author/Storyteller Visit An Afternoon with Tod Goldberg 09/21/2014 Clark County
8. Author/Storyteller Visit Uncensored Voices: Celebrating Your Freedom to Read 09/23/2014 Clark County
9. Author/Storyteller Visit The Lamb Family Legacy 09/27/2014 Clark County
10. Author/Storyteller Visit An Evening With B.J. Novak 10/16/2014 Clark County


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