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Biography InContext  

Biographies  Need information about someone famous? Learn about historical figures as well as current stars.

Biography - GVRL  Always available eBooks about people in all fields.

Biography - Topic Pages  Topic Pages are a dynamic “one stop shop” where you can find much of what your library has on any one topic. Topic Pages aggregate information from Credo Reference, your other library databases and the open web, all on one screen.


An African Biographical Dictionary  Presents biographical sketches of historical and contemporary Africans from a wide range of fields of achievement. Includes religious leaders, business people, educators, sports-men/women and scientists.

Nelson Mandela: A Biography  Everyone needs to know the inspiring life story of Nelson Mandela, freshly retold here especially for students and general readers.


Black History & Biography Collection (GVRL)  Always available eBooks for Black History Studies.

The History Makers  Stories of success against the odds, achievement in the face of adversity, and, in all cases, stories of inspiration.

The Martin Luther King, Jr., Encyclopedia  Based upon the papers of Martin Luther King Jr., this encyclopedia provides fresh and revealing insights into Dr. King's life, work, family, associates, and opponents.


The Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives 1981-2007  Presents original scholarly biographies of notable Americans. Profiles careers and achievements as well as biographical data including family members; educational background; names of spouses and marriage and divorce dates; addresses of residences; and cause of death and place of burial.


Bio. True Story  From the A&E cable channels, this is the companion website for The Biography Channel.

Leadership: Fifty Great Leaders and the Worlds They Made  Provides a summary of the leadership styles, successes, and failures, of the greatest leaders in world history

Time 100 People who Shape our World, 2012  "Here's (Time's) list of the 100 men and women whose power, talent, or moral example is transforming our world."


100 Hispanics You Should Know  Meet 100 Hispanics from around the world and throughout history who have lived amazing lives.

Hispanic Biographies  Read biographies of significant Hispanic individuals.

Hispanic Biographies (GVRL)  Provides informative biographical profiles of the important and influential persons of Latino heritage who form the international Hispanic community. Covers persons of various nationalities in a wide variety of fields, including architecture, art, business, dance, education, fashion, film, industry, journalism, law, literature, medicine, music, politics and government, publishing, religion, science and technology, social issues, sports, television, theater, and others.

Middle East

Biographical Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa  Illuminates the lives of the most influential and controversial figures in the Middle East and North Africa who came to prominence during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Includes profiles of contemporary leaders who belong to various political, ethnic, and religious groups, as well as notable individuals associated with business, law, science, social issues, sports, entertainment, literature, and the fine and performing arts.

Nevada People

Famous Nevada Women  Biographies of famous Nevada women compiled by The Nevada Women’s History Project.

Famous Nevadans  A variety of resources to find out about famous Nevadans.

Scientists & Inventors

American Men & Women of Science  This respected resource is a biographical dictionary of the significant players in the physical, biological and related sciences. Each edition includes biographical entries on approximately 120,000 living scientists, providing birthdate; birthplace; field of specialty; education; honorary degrees; current position; professional and career information; awards; memberships; research information; and addresses for each entrant where available.

Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography  Provides information on the history of science through articles on the professional lives of scientists. All periods of science from classical antiquity to modern times are represented.

The Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers  Provides biographical sketches on astronomers from antiquity to modern times.


Timelines - World Book  Find a timeline of Political Leaders, World History, Arts & Literature or Science. Create a login to edit the timeline and make it your own.


American Women Historians  This book chronicles the lives and work of roughly two hundred American women historians from the 1700s to the 1990s. The earliest writer included, Hannah Adams, was born in 1755 in Medfield, Massachusetts; the most recent, Vicki Ruiz, was born in 1955 in Atlanta, Georgia. Two full centuries fall between these women's birth dates, and in the intervening years thousands of women have chosen to practice the craft of history in the United States. The small group of historians included here, all American by birth or by citizenship, represents a much larger group in terms of diversity, personal strength, and professional accomplishment.

From Suffrage to the Senate  Entries include biographical sketches on women who have worked in various arenas of American politics, including campaigns and the media. Also covers court cases, legislation, organizations, movements and social issues that are relevant to the topic.

Women of the Frontier  16 Tales of trailblazing homesteaders, entrepreneurs, and rabble rousers.

Women's History  Explore women's heritage and contributions with these books and resources.