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  Denzel Washington  A biography of Denzel Washington and his career as an actor, written for young adults.
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  Favorite Children's Authors and Illustrators  Easy to read essays about popular storytellers and includes a list of selected works, quotes, abundant photos, and sources for further reading.


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  Athletes and Sports Related People - World Book  Provides information on the person, picture, magazine articles, websites & books to read to learn learn more about the person.
  Brett Favre  Profiles the life and career of football superstar Brett Favre.
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  American Presidents - Kids Infobits  American Presidents
  Barack Obama  Profiles the life and career of the President of the United States, Barack Obama.
  Presidents  Biographies of all the presidents


  Children's Encyclopedia of Women  Biographies of famous women, written by third and fourth graders.
  First Ladies' Gallery  Usually the First Lady is married to the President. Sometimes, they're not! Find out more about these amazing women.
  Michelle Obama  Profiles the life and career of Michelle Obama.
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