Science Online (Science Experiments)  Science experiments, maps and information on the environment.
  Science Projects - World Book for Kids  
  DK eBooks -Science  Always available eBooks on Science topics.
  Experiment Central  Includes 97 chapters with nearly 300 science experiments, and covers nine key science curriculum fields; astronomy, biology, botany, chemistry, ecology, food science, geology, meteorology and physics. Arranged alphabetically and arranged by scientific concept or theory, including Acid rain, Biomes, Cells, Chemical Energy, Earthquakes, Electricity, Greenhouse effect, Heat, Rocks and Minerals, Sound, Vegetative propagation, Weather and more.
  Science and Nature  Information about science and nature that detail natural phenomena, rocks and minerals, energy and atoms, and biographies of famous scientists.

Astronomy & Space

  Space and Astronomy - Kids InfoBits  
  Exploring Space  Contains articles detailing biographies of famous astronomers, celestial bodies found in the universe, the solar system, and future explorations into space.
  Space  Explores outer space and investigates the wonders of the universe from Saturn's rings to life in space stations.


  Biomes  A biome is an ecosystem containing plant and animal species that are characteristic to a specific geographic region.
  Biomes of the World  What's it like where you live? Find out about biomes and ecosystems.


  Experimenting with Chemistry  Includes easy-to-perform experiments that instruct students on topics such as states of matter, chemical reactions, gravity, energy, electricity, flight, and simple machines.


  Computers & Electronics - Kids InfoBits  

Current Events

  Science News for Kids  Looking for Science in the news? Help with your science project? Try here! Ages 9-14.

Diseases & Disorders

  Diseases, Disorders & Injuries - Kids InfoBits  

Earth Science

  Earth Sciences - Kids InfoBits  
  Environmental Homework Resources  Find out great stuff to help keep your planet beautiful.
  In the Ocean  Covers the various kinds of microorganisms that exist in the ocean depths, bringing young readers face to face with these marine life-forms.
  Ology  A fun site to learn about the Earth including rocks and exploring the universe. Ask a Scientist a question and get an answer.
  Planet Earth  Covers interesting features about Earth, examining extremes around the globe such as hot and cold spots, as well as the strange and remote places that a diverse planet offers.
  Water Cycle  Information on many aspects of water, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center where you can give opinions and test your water knowledge.

Earth Science - Forests & Rain Forests

  Forest  Introduces characteristics of different kinds of forests found around the world, the plants and animals that populate them, and how they are endangered.
  Rain Forest, 1st American ed., 2001  Explores the world of the rainforest and the many jungle creatures that live there.
  Rainforest  Explores the world of the rainforest and the many jungle creatures that live there.


  Rivers & Lakes  Describes how rivers flow to the sea and the characteristics of rivers and lakes, including the animal life found within and near them.

Endangered Plants & Animals

  Endangered Species  Take a closer look at 24 endangered plants and animals
  See also: Animals - Endangered and Extinct Animals  More resources on endangers and extinct animals.


  Flight  Traces the history and development of aircraft from hot-air balloons to jetliners, and includes information on the principles of flight and the inner workings of various flying machines.


  KidsHealth  How do you get ready to be an athlete? What happens when you break a bone? Your buddy got sick. How soon will he be better? Find out all this and more!
  Me  Uses interactive activities scattered throughout the text to engage readers in discovering more about themselves and encouraging self-expression.
  Me and You  Discusses social cooperation and the importance of strong, positive relationships and includes interactive activities throughout the text.
  Medical Care - Kids InfoBits  

Human Body

  Human Body  Examines the human body from head to toe, exploring nerves, muscles, blood and bones.
  Human Body - Kids InfoBits  
  Human Body from A to Z  Features a comprehensive source about the human organism, how it works, and what can go wrong.
  Human Body I  Uses illustrations and photographs to detail the organs, functions, and systems of the human body.
  Human Body II  Uses illustrations and photographs to detail the cellular level, childbirth and fetal development, micro organisms, and common diseases of the human body.

Life Sciences

  Plants, Algae, and Fungi  Presents information on the life cycle, cellular structure, diversity, cultivation, production, and species of fungi, algea, and plants, using illustrations and photographs.


  Nature & Biology - Kids infoBits  
  Why Leaves Change Color  This page explains how and why leaves change color in autumn, how weather affects this change, and why leaves fall.


  BAM!!! Body And Mind!  Is there an activity you'd like to know more about? Look no further! It's all right here.
  Food and Nutrition  
  The Healthy Fridge  Don't mess up your health by eating the wrong stuff. Learn the right things to eat, so you'll have a strong and healthy heart!

Physical Science

  Chemistry & Physical Sciences - Kids InfoBits  
  Chem4Kids  Find out about chemistry! What are elements? Reactions? Matter? A periodic table?
  The Atoms Family  Find out about light, atoms, energy, and more!


  Experimenting with Physics  Includes more than twenty experiments will challenge students to think more deeply about the scientific principles at work in everyday life.

Plants & Tress

  Plants - Kids InfoBits  


  Science Printables Ages 3-13  From planets to animals to technology, these activities are sure to teach, as well as entertain.
  Science Printables Grades 1-2  Have fun learning Math and Science with these fun activities.
  Science Printables Grades 3-5  Have fun learning Science with these fun activities.

Rocks & Minerals

  Rock & Mineral  Examines the beauty and importance of minerals, metals, crystals, fossils, and gemstones and provides insight into the evolution and composition of the Earth.

Science Experiments & Projects

  Activities from Experiment Central  Here are 12 ecology-related experiments for you to try.
  Hands-On Chemistry & Physics Experiments  Create independent, scientific thinkers using Hands-On Chemistry Experiments! This book develops inquiry-based learning for students in grades K–2 through age-appropriate, hands-on experiments. It helps students explore important concepts in chemistry.

Science Fairs - Getting Started

  It's About Time Science Projects How Long Does It Take?  How long does it take bread to get moldy? Can you tell time using the sun? What is your reaction time? There are so many things to measure in the world around you. The ideas introduced in this book will help you perform exciting and fun experiments. Some will even give you ideas for your science fair. All you need are some simple materials, most of which can be found around your home, school, or neighborhood. You will then be ready to discover the world of time!
  Science Buddies  Need to find a science experiment? Use the Topic Selection wizard to find one which matches your interest.
  Science Fair Project Resource Guide  From the Internet Public Library, the untimate resource for Science Fair Help! Use their guide, to get the steps from beginning to end. See all the links, to get great ideas, and more help!

Science Fun

  24/7 Science  A great site for games, activities, and other cool stuff about math and science!
  Try Science  

Scientists & Inventors

  See Inventors & Scientists  More resources on inventors and scientists.

Sports & Recreation

  Sports & Fitness  
  Sports Science  Explores the amazing advances science has made in sports.
  Sports, Games & Recreations - Kids InfoBits  


  Construction & Architecture - Kids InfoBits  
  Glass, Plastic & Metal Materials - Kids InfoBits  
  Machines, Engines & Motors - Kids InfoBits  
  Technology - Kids InfoBits  
  Telecommunications - Kids InfoBits  


  Timelines - World Book  Find a timeline of Political Leaders, World History, Arts & Literature or Science. Create a login to edit the timeline and make it your own.


  Encyclopedia of Weather and Natural Disasters  Introduces the topic of weather and natural disasters, covering such topics as weather basics, weather phenomena, forecasting, and climate. Provides information on blizzards, earthquakes, flooding, tornadoes, volcanoes, and wildfires.
  How Do Tornadoes Form?  Provides comprehensive information on the process of tornadoes forming.
  Weather - Kids InfoBits