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The following articles were selected to provide an array of topics of interest within the local African-American community during the time period of 1948 and 1990. To locate more historic articles you may search the index to the Las Vegas-Review Journal located in the Reference Department at the Las Vegas Library.

Citations below are listed by subject. Current articles from 1997 to the present can be found directly at the Las Vegas-Review Journal web site.

Afro-American Unity Festival

"Photo of Annual Afro-American parade"
Las Vegas Sun, 5/14/48, page 11

Black "Caucus"

"Blacks form new political group"
Las Vegas Sun, 8/1/90, page 21

Black Heritage Festival

"Black community joins celebration"
Las Vegas Sun, 10/11/81, page 44

Black Panther Party

"Panthers will form"
Las Vegas Sun, 10/28/76, page 10

Black Voters Association (League?)

"New group organized"
Las Vegas Sun, 12/31/74, page 3

Cove Hotel

"Renovated by Operation Life"
Las Vegas Sun, 4/11/76, page 17

Moulin Rouge Hotel and Casino

"Moulin Rouge Hotel awaits reopening"
Las Vegas Sun, 3/8/77, page 3


"Sets up 'job bank' here"
Las Vegas Sun, 2/8/82, page 10A


Photo of Helen Crozier, first black to win state election dies
Las Vegas Review-Journal, 9/15/82, page 12B

"Black chamber of commerce formed"
Las Vegas Sun, 9/27/82, page 4A

"Shipshape: 1st black female to be appointed in Nevada"
Las Vegas Sun, 7/6/81, page 5 "Economic factors pushed LV blacks to West Side"
Las Vegas Sun, 12/25/77, page 8

pt.1: "LV race relations hit bottom in 1940's"
Las Vegas Sun, 12/27/77, page 11 "Black threats to demonstrate forced casino owners"
Las Vegas Sun, 12/28/77, page 13 "Past bias comes back to haunt LV"
Las Vegas Sun, 12/29/77, page 5

"Histories laud black Las Vegans"
Las Vegas Sun, 2/19/79, page 2

(Negro in LV History)
Las Vegas Sun, 2/20/72, page 5

"Black casinos flourished during days of segregation"
Las Vegas Review-Journal, 11/10/75, page 11

West Las Vegas

"Credit union for blacks to receive charter"
Las Vegas Sun, 8/25/79, page 13

pic. WLV: portrait of bad times
Las Vegas Sun, 12/11/77, page 13

"The rejuvenation of Jackson and D Streets"
Las Vegas Review-Journal,5/16/76, page Nv.6

West Las Vegas Library

"Receives grant from Nevada Humanities"
Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2/2/79, page 48

Westside Community Investment Corp

"The Voice bought by local group"
Las Vegas Sun, 7/21/79, page 18