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* Programs that are held on a regular schedule, such as Weekly Storytimes, follow the programs listed by date.

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# Event Type Event Title Date Library
1. Book Club Teen Book Club 09/02/2014 Sahara West
2. Book Club Teen Book Club 10/07/2014 Sahara West
3. Community Meeting Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) Town Hall Meeting-hosted by Commissioner L. Weekly 09/19/2014 West Las Vegas
4. Crafts/Games/Recreation Typography Posters 10/16/2014 Blue Diamond
5. Crafts/Games/Recreation Dream Jars 10/13/2014 Bunkerville
6. Crafts/Games/Recreation Teen Metal Embossing 10/15/2014 Bunkerville
7. Crafts/Games/Recreation Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament 09/20/2014 Centennial Hills
8. Crafts/Games/Recreation Dream Jars 10/16/2014 Centennial Hills
9. Crafts/Games/Recreation Yu-Gi-Oh! 10/18/2014 Centennial Hills
10. Crafts/Games/Recreation Teen Tuesdays schedule Centennial Hills


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