Wi-Fi Printing

Printing for Windows

1. Click Get Started link.

2. Select your library location.

3. When this dialog box appears, select the appropriate link.

Image 1

4. Select the Run option again.

Image 2

5. Select Run when the following prompt appears.

Image 3

6. Minimize this box until you are finished printing.

Image 4

7. Note that new printers appear in your printer control panel.

Image 5

8. Print your document to the newly installed default (District) printer.

Image 6

9. Enter your library card number and PIN and click OK.

Image 7

10. Confirm the number of pages to print and select OK. Funds will not be deducted from your account until you release the print job.

Image 8

11. Complete your submission by selecting OK.

Image 9

12. Go to the print release station at the appropriate branch and release the print job.

13. When you are finished, open the LPT:One Client window and select Stop Print Client.

Image 10

14. Note that your installed printers have returned to their previous configuration.

Image 11