Dayo Adelaja: ART & FORM: A Cubist’s Journey

Dayo Adelaja layers meaning into his paintings of contemporary and historical subjects by creatively utilizing the techniques of Cubism; dissecting and reassembling pictorial perspective in order to show different views and angles of a subject simultaneously. The resulting paintings become puzzle-like, forcing the viewer’s brain to piece together the fragmented, geometric forms and lines.
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Brian Martinez: INTERLUDE

A recent bachelor of fine arts graduate from UNLV, Brian Martinez set the goal at 19 to have a solo exhibit every year until the age of 30. INTERLUDE marks his 5th consecutive solo exhibit, and it finds the artist at a time of experimentation and exploration. Representing more of his own life experiences is especially important to the artist in this exhibit. In keeping with that intent, Martinez has set out to incorporate more “brown” in his work, meaning not just the color, but also of the people—especially Chicano culture.  
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