Donor Spotlight- Leon Graczyk

The Foundation would like to offer sincerest thanks to Doree Graczyk. Doree recently donated a beautiful globe to the Spring Valley Library in honor of her  husband, Leon Graczyk. We asked Doree of her favorite memories of Leon. She shared with us that " He would pick up auto books every two or three weeks from the library. He also read many mysteries and told me that he donated paperbacks and also purchased used paperbacks at the Spring Valley library bookstore. I know when it was very hot out, he would go to the senior center, swim and then go to the library and enjoy reading. I was employed full time and he was retired, so it was great for him to have such a welcoming place to spend his time. He enjoyed being out in the public and was a very social, friendly person. Leon would tell me how he met this person or that person and how friendly everyone was at the library."