Las Vegas Advisor: Living Local – The Best Freebie in Vegas!

Grandmother Dora Harrington, my only grandparent who lived long enough to be a major influence in my life, asked me once: “How would you like to visit a place where you can get everything you ever wanted for free? Go clean out a closet!”

Now I’m going to ask a similar question. “Where can you go in Las Vegas to get free movies, free classes, free home access to online courses (from well-respected national sources), free art shows, free jazz/classical/folk concerts, free wifi, free Internet access to national newspapers and magazines, free audiobooks, and free streaming music?”

Still wondering? Here’s one more clue: They also loan out free books.

I’m talking about the Las Vegas-Clark County Library system, probably the most underutilized free asset in Las Vegas — and I count myself among the guilty. For years, several friends, especially Bob Dancer, would sing the praises of using the local library (“much cheaper than Barnes & Noble, plus you don’t have to store the books afterwards”), but I never really checked it out until recently. A few months ago, I visited my local branch (West Charleston) for the first time and got a library card, plus picked up a very attractive brochure on their upcoming art exhibits and concerts.

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