Whales and Dolphins- Super Heroes of the Sea

The Library Foundation is teaming up with the CCSD partnership office to bring students to the Summerlin Library for  an opportunity to see amazing original photos by Michael Fishbach from his 25 years studying whales and dolphins in the Gulf of California. Following the Art Gallery tour, Michael will present a 30 minute lecture and video presentation embellished with stories of his adventures with the animals who clearly rival us in intelligence, beauty, and streamlined evolutionary adaptation to their environment.

The children will learn: wacky statistics about whales, how they feed, give birth, how they have had the planet wired with the world wide whale web for over 15 million years, how they help plankton make the earth's oxygen with their poo, so kids and their parents can breathe, how orcas are the kings of the sea and why, how dolphins are natural multi-taskers, and sleep with half their brain while the other half is awake, (don't you wish you could do that?!)

Michael Fishbach has been studying and working to protect the endangered blue whales of the world for the past 25 years. His ongoing work on Mexico's Sea of Cortez has allowed him to follow countless of these gentle giants and share their awesome beauty with hundreds of guests. Michael re-sighted the oldest known blue whale on earth earlier this year after a 4-year absence.

In 2010 Michael created and now directs the Great Whale Conservancy whose mission is to protect the plight of and give a voice to the highly endangered blue whales.