Southern Nevada Nonprofit Information Center (SoNNPIC)

Trying to search for grants from home?  You can now remotely access Foundation Directory Online Essential until May 31, 2022. Once on the site, you will be asked to create an account and sign up for a day pass. The day pass allows you to use Foundation Directory Essential remotely in a 24-hour window. There is a clock at the top of the screen that will tell you how much time remains in the pass. After the 24 hours, the clock will show the next date on which you can activate a new pass (every 30 days).  

Since you will be able to create an individual account in Foundation Directory Essential, you now have access to the MyFDO features that were not previously available. You’ll be able to create dashboards, tag favorite grantmakers, save searches and return to these each time you activate a new pass. The day pass allows Candid to continue providing remote access in a secure and automated way to people all over the world.

Most Foundation Directory users log in for an hour or so to do concentrated research. While the day pass gives you 24 consecutive hours per month, here are the ways in which you can maximize your usage:

  • Prepare: Before logging in for the first time, explore how you can use Foundation Directory by watching Candid’s online tutorials at
  • Timing: Log in at a time when you can come back to the site (if needed) within a 24-hour period. For instance, logging in at 1PM would give you the ability to log back in on the same pass the next morning at 9AM.
  • Offline research: Take advantage of Foundation Directory's robust download/email features; you can run searches on Foundation Directory Essential and then download or email yourself the prospect list for offline reviewing.
  • MyFDO: When you’re logged in, you can use the features of MyFDO to create personal dashboards, tag favorite grantmakers, and save searches under your username. Then you can return to them each time you activate a new pass and pick up exactly where you left off.

Please email if you have any questions and to inquire about available appointments.

The Southern Nevada Non-Profit Information Center (SoNNPIC) at the Clark County Library is a Funding Information Network (FIN) partner of Candid (based in New York City). SoNNPIC provides information and training to individuals who want to start a nonprofit organization, as well as beginning and intermediate level workshops for local organizations. The collection contains directories, reference guides and periodicals about grantseeking, proposal writing, nonprofit management, and related subjects. SoNNPIC provides free access to the Foundation Directory Online and Foundation Grants for Individuals. Trained staff present frequent workshops on a variety of nonprofit management topics. Individual or small group training is also available, please email for an appointment.

Foundation Directory Online (FDO): Candid's premier fundraising tool gives grant-seekers unprecedented access to the largest amount of philanthropic data that currently exists. By combining exhaustive data with intuitive search functionality and informative data visualizations, FDO makes fundraising quick and efficient.

Grants to Individuals: Get detailed information on more than 10,000 foundations that give grants or scholarships to individuals.  NEW: The application also provides direct access to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for individuals not associated with a nonprofit right on its homepage.

Candid Learning: Access all of Candid’s live and on-demand trainings, webinars and other resources designed to improve your fundraising, overall sustainability, grantmaking and transparency.

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