Summer Challenge Teens


Hey, Teens!

Get ready to POWER UP YOUR ROBOT! Where else can you earn great prizes just for having a blast this summer? DJ Labs? Podcasting? Music recording and production? Anime? STEAM experiments? Summer Challenge offers you all of the awesome tech stuff you’ve always wanted to try. You can also start to learn a new language, or start a new hobby, or try a STEAM experiment at home!

And of course, reading whatever you like – books, comics, graphic novels, magazines, music lyrics, poetry, even listening to audiobooks, anything you enjoy.

Any kind of reading and learning activities earn you cool book prizes and qualify you for amazing prizes from the Vegas Golden Knights, the Las Vegas Lights, an iPad mini, and more!

So have a blast this summer while keeping your school skills sharp.

There are two ways to participate and track your progress:

Events for Teens

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Activities To Power Up Your Robot

Reading Recommendations

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